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Oct 11, 2020

Learn from your inserted forms of awareness!

- 2 weeks of tracking everything: see calories, macros, spread of food and note days that supportive of your energy and health, identify meals that don't support your energy and appetite.

- 2 weeks of writing it down: take away the numbers and connect with the timing and spread of food. 

- 2 weeks of personal awareness: highlight the part of your life that needs practice: fvf tracking (produce), evening tracking, snack tracking. Add intention to the part of you life that needs it.

- 4 weeks of Rate My Day: step back and look big picture. Try the 5:1:1 ratio weekly to navigate and enjoy life while still feeling your best!

- No tracking: take the training wheels off and let the habits support you so you can focus on other things! That is what they are for anyways!

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